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Google Chrome now available for iPad and iPhone…

According to a CNN story reported by John D. Sutter, “Google reports ‘alarming’ rise in government censorship requests”. The requests are being made by countries that you probably wouldn’t expect; check out the article here:

Mac Keyboard Shorcuts

This is cool, a cheat sheet for keyboard shortcuts on your mac… check it out!

Mac users looking for a clean and sophisticated screen saver… check this one out It is so simple it’s actually quite pleasing, best of all it’s free! Looks like there will be an iPad version coming soon, which will make a nice display on your desk when not using your iPad. If you don’t see your exact city, email the dev and he is extremely responsive and helpful! Check it out and let me know what you think…

So, I recently found a need to get Internet Explorer for use on my mac. I found that certain web apps at my office such as PeopleSoft and Authoria required IE and would not work with any other browser. On my PC i was able to get around that in Firefox using a add-on called ietab, but that was not an option on the mac.

Over at OSX Daily, I found the following that worked perfectly.

I also found that another option was to install wine and use wine bottler to install IE but was limited to ie7, however, this option was extremely simple as well.

Good luck 🙂

There’s a good list broken up into categories over at…. check it out,


Calibrate Your Home Button

by Roberto Garza

Sometimes when you press the home button on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch there can be a delay or even take a couple of tries before it responds. In this tutorial you will see how to fix this.

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