Reviews and How To's has a unique solution to the tethering woes of AT&T. For $15 the first year and $30 for each subsequent year, you have tether your phone (Android or iPhone) or iPad with 3G to your PC or Mac. I am currently using this between my iPhone and Macbook Air.

Installation is extremely simple. First, you go to their website and register, then you download their client app that resides on you’re PC. In short, what it does when you launch the application is creates an ad-hoc network which you then connect your phone to. It then basically acts like an HTML proxy between your phone and PC allowing your PC to connect to the internet using your phones internet capability. This is unique in that it completely bypasses your phone and phone companies tethering options/requirements.

If you travel then this is really a viable option to switching to your companies tethering plan, which could incur additional monthly charges. The downside, unless your iPad has 3G, it will take some work to get it tethered. The PC/Mac is required and acting as a middle-man.. You will need to set the iPad to join the network, created between your phone and PC . Their is no software setup on the phone or iPad you can not just go between the two devices.

In the end, I have to be honest and say that this is still a great alternative to jail breaking (and ultimately getting nailed by AT&T) and/or switching to their tethered plan. I’m not sure I care for the $15 for first year and $30 for renewing years… but here’s to hoping for another solution within the next year 🙂


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